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Frazer Brookes
Network Marketing Professional,
Multiple 6-Figure Earner,
Free Facebook Strategies Expert
Frazer Brookes is a second generation Network Marketing Professional. 
Having seen his parents earn over $14,000,000 from the industry the old school way, he decided to build his empire using online strategies.

After going through his warm market and getting rejection after rejection he turned to Facebook. Over a 5 year period he had sponsored over 500 people, and developed a team of over 22,000 distributors and 250,000 customers, which generated a multiple six figure income, year after year.

Frazer has consulted for many different Network Marketing companies on their social media strategies and worked with some of the industry’s top earners on how they can utilize Free Facebook Strategies to turbo boost their efforts online as well as duplicate a system throughout their downline. 
Vincenzo Sannipoli is a graduate from the Antwerp Management School, in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 

After graduating, his entrepreneurial aspirations motivated him to turn to the Network Marketing and Internet Marketing industry to escape the rat race.

His business​ dramatically changed when he discovered the power of Facebook Marketing. In less than 10 months he was able to generate 3,000+ prospects, earn $25,000+ in gross income and build a Fan Page of 20,000+ followers.

Now he consistently makes a 5-Figure monthly income only using Facebook Ads and teaches those strategies to countless Network Marketers and Internet Marketers from all over the world.
Vincenzo Sannipoli
Network Marketing Professional,
Attraction Marketing Trainer,
Paid Facebook Strategies Expert
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What People Are Saying:
"Frazer grew up in Network Marketing.
It is part of him.
Having shared the stage with Frazer,
it is great to hear his wisdom and trainings. Enthusiasm on steroids."
- Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
Best Selling Author,
Network Marketing Top Earner & Icon
"Frazer Brookes is a legend. 
Being second generation Network Marketer, he knows and understands the business because it is in his DNA.
This allows him the ability to teach and coach others the psychology of what it takes to be successful." 
- Margaret Irving
Content Developer for Eric Worre,
Event Manager for Tony Robbins
"Frazer Brookes is one of the upcoming super superstars in MLM.
When I interviewed him on MLM Nation, I was impressed with the amount of wisdom, experience and leadership he has at such a young age. He is very precocious and I’m sure we will just hear more and more of him in the upcoming years."
- Simon Chan
Founder & CEO of MLM Nation
Lianne Jones
Using one of The Ninja Networker strategies, she was able to get 41 new customers in 7 days.
Greg Plaskett
Using one of The Ninja Networker strategies, he was able to recruit 88 people in a single day in a newly launched INTERNATIONAL country.
Emma Ridley
Using one of The Ninja Networker strategies, she was able to get 34 new customers and 10 new distributors in 7 days.
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