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What Is The Ninja Networker?
Dear Friend,

if you are a Network Marketing Professional and you want to learn:
  • How To Recruit People Into Your Network Marketing Business Without Prospecting Them, So You Will Not Have To Deal With Rejection Ever Again...
  • How To Build An International Team Using The Internet And Social Media Without Leaving Home, So You Will Become A Member Of The 24/7 Income Club...
  • How To Achieve Massive Duplication In Your Team, So You Can Grow Your Downline, Your Passive Income, And Your Freedom Even While You Sleep Or You Travel...
  • How To Create An Incredibly Rewarding Business That Will Change The Lives Of Many People, So You Can Wake Up Every Single Day Excited About The Difference You're Making In The World...
...then this is EXACTLY what you are looking for.

Right now, as you start reading this page, you may not quite realize the potential that The Ninja Networker has to quite literally transform your life, your business and your income!

But you will... very shortly.

The Ninja Networker is NOTHING like any of the other marketing stuff you may have come across or heard about in the past.

This is a platform that has been specifically designed to provide you with the EXACT STEPS you need to start and grow your Network Marketing business on the Internet and Social Media quickly and profitably.

“You Will Discover A Proven Plan For Getting Proven Results For Your Business.”
Before we talk any more about The Ninja Networker, let’s discuss the big elephant in the room… 

You’re wondering if this is just going to be another one of ‘those trainings’.

You know the ones…

I’m talking about the trainings, teachings and coachings that promise the earth and always dramatically under deliver.

They spend the majority telling you about their life story, then give you little ‘nuggets’ of information and then pitch you on their next ‘thing’.

You’ve got a bad taste in your mouth. I get it!

“Here’s The Problem…”
These trainings are NOT designed to actually teach you ‘the goods’, they are designed to get you just excited enough to sign up for whatever it is they’re selling that particular day or week. 

…And all that happens is you leave feeling silly that you fell for it again.

If you’ve experienced that before then…

We can promise you, The Ninja Networker will be a breath of fresh air!

The big difference here is that our primary focus for putting this training together is not to ‘make money’, it truly is to serve the community.

It is our mission to ensure that Network Marketing is done correctly online.

NOTHING is being held back and we WILL be teaching you the exact steps you need to implement into your business to get the results you’re looking for.
“Let’s See If The Ninja Networker Is For You!”
There are 3 problems that you need to conquer in order to build and grow your business online, and when you overcome these 3 problems, your business will become an unstoppable force.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand spankin’ new and you still feel like a complete newbie or you already have a business that you're looking to grow and scale. 

Overcome these 3 problems and you will be able to dominate your company, help and serve more people, duplicate your efforts through your team and build a WILDLY successful business.

So, let's break down these 3 problems and how to beat them using The Ninja Networker.

But before we dive into them, we just want to quickly introduce ourselves...
Frazer Brookes
Network Marketing Professional, 
Multiple 6-Figure Earner,
Free Facebook Strategies Expert
Frazer Brookes is a second generation Network Marketing Professional. Having seen his parents earn over $14,000,000 from the industry the old school way, he decided to build his empire using online strategies.

After going through his warm market and getting rejection after rejection he turned to Facebook. Over a 5 year period he had sponsored over 500 people, and developed a team of over 22,000 distributors and 250,000 customers, which generated a multiple six figure income, year after year.

Frazer has consulted for many different Network Marketing companies on their social media strategies and worked with some of the industry’s top earners on how they can utilize Free Facebook Strategies to turbo boost their efforts online as well as duplicate a system throughout their downline. 
Vincenzo Sannipoli is a graduate from the Antwerp Management School, in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. After graduating, his entrepreneurial aspirations motivated him to turn to the Network Marketing and Internet Marketing industry to escape the rat race.

His business​ dramatically changed when he discovered the power of Facebook Marketing. In less than 10 months he was able to generate 3,000+ prospects, earn $25,000+ in gross income and build a Fan Page of 20,000+ followers.

Now he consistently makes a 5-Figure monthly income only using Facebook Ads and teaches those strategies to countless Network Marketers and Internet Marketers from all over the world.
Vincenzo Sannipoli
Network Marketing Professional, 
Attraction Marketing Trainer,  
Paid Facebook Strategies Expert
Problem #1 - Being The Beggar
(Why making your "warm market" list does NOT work)
“Make a list of all your family members and friends, call them and invite them to take a look at the business opportunity.”

Ever heard this one before?

We bet you have, as it usually is the first thing every upline tells a new distributor to do. 

But is it really good advice to make your "warm market" list

Unless your family members and friends are already actively looking for a business opportunity or have a business mindset, inviting them to take a look at what you have to offer is a BAD move.

In fact, you'll ONLY run the risk of pissing off all the people you know and becoming part of the N.F.L. Club ("No Friends Left" Club).

There's a much better way of finding highly targeted prospects for your business opportunity...and you'll discover it further on this page...
Problem #2 - Being The Hunter
(If you chase everyone, you will end up attracting NO ONE)
Another common phrase in Network Marketing that you might have heard is:

Everyone within 3 feet of you is a prospect, so just keep presenting the opportunity to everyone you meet." 

Probably some Network Marketing Leaders say that just to give you a false sense of hope that your winning lottery ticket is just one rep away. 

But we strongly believe this is just B.S.. 

In fact, not everyone is interested in your products or business opportunity, so why should you keep harassing and begging strangers?

You need to be able to attract people to you instead of chasing them.

And The Ninja Networker will finally help you become the hunted instead of the hunter, so just keep reading...
Problem #3 - Being 'Old-School'
(Didn't they say this was an HOME-BASED business?)
Many people join Network Marketing because they want to be able to work from home and spend more time with their families.

However, they soon find themselves prospecting strangers in public places, driving round town from one meeting to the other, and attending late night hotel meetings...

Well, this is an AWAY-FROM-HOME business and not a home-based one!

And if you keep adopting the 'old-school' Network Marketing strategies, you'll never truly have a home-based business. Period.

With what we have at our disposal today, it’s INSANE to continue and rely on these dying and quite frankly, painful tactics, and not leverage the technology you have at your finger tips.

The Ninja Networker focuses only on the 21st century strategies to really build a profitable business and residual income from the comfort of your home...
So, How Will The Ninja Networker Help You Overcome Those 3 Problems?
Here's A Snap Shot Of Some Of The Specific Topics You'll Be Learning About...
Free Facebook Strategies
In this section you'll learn how Frazer was able to build a team of over 22,000 reps and 250,000 customers on Facebook, without spending a penny in advertising

This strategy allows you to have a team full of reps who are excited, active and kicking butt. 

VALUE = $1,997
Facebook Ads
In this section you'll learn everything you need to know about creating an effective Facebook Fan Page and attracting an endless stream of highly targeted prospects to you through Facebook Ads. 

If you master this skill, you'll NEVER run out of people to talk to!

VALUE = $1,997
Network Marketing Training
Building online is great, more efficient, and allows you to do what you want to do more of, but you still need to learn some of the old-school training and techniques.

Learn from some of the best in the industry and how you maximize your personal development time to become a great trainer yourself. 

VALUE = $497
Top Leader Interviews
Hear from other people inside of network marketing. 
Hear their opinions of building online and learn from those who have had success using the internet. 
Get some of their golden nuggets to implement. 

VALUE = $497
How To Brand Yourself Online
Become an identity inside of your company, not just an ID number. Stand out from the crowd, and start creating your very own brand. 

Look around at the top earners, chances are they have their own website, professional images, and their own lead magnet (eBook, video series etc). Now its time for you to join them!

VALUE = $997
How To Create An Online Automated Sales Funnel
Have you ever wanted to build your own list from strangers? Well, inside The Ninja Networker we go through how you can produce impressive conversion rates to build your very own list, create fans, and generate qualified leads to be able to put into your network marketing business.

VALUE = $997
Other Social Media Training
Facebook is a gold mine, but there are other social media platforms you can utilize to get in front of more people and capitalize from the brand the company you are involved with have created.

Just imagine if you could have a video that appeared on the first page of YouTube...

VALUE = $997
We know it can be tough building your business, especially from home, so we created The Ninja Networker Community where all the Ninjas communicate. 

See what is working for others and get your questions answered. Extra tips, new case studies, scripts, Facebook updates, direct access to us, and much more...

When we aren't creating new content or doing webinars, this is where we spend the most of our time, helping you with the questions you might have.


Are You Excited Yet?
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10 Proven & Highly Engaging Posts 

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You’ll get our TOP 10 post themes and ideas you can start using on Facebook to attract people to you. These are proven and powerful ways to gain attention and engage with prospects on Facebook…so that they reach out to YOU, as well as share these with their friends.
Million Dollar Interview: 
Full Interview With
Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

($97 Value - FREE)

You'll get an exclusive interview with Frazer and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter. Big Al built a team of over 100,000 reps in just 2 years and gives some incredible tips on how to talk to people so you don't scare them off. It works especially well when building online too.
Social Attraction Formula: 
4-Week Training Program 

($997 Value - FREE)

In this exclusive training you’ll discover both the mindset and the skill-set you need to creating a true home-based business
In fact, you'll learn exactly how to recruit on Facebook and build an international team, without leaving home.
100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

After you watch the training and join the community, and for the next 30 days after… if you don’t think The Ninja Networker will help you enroll more new people onto your team… explode your Network Marketing business… and grow your income… We demand you get a refund.

Simply shoot our support desk an email and we’ll promptly and cheerfully refund your payment.

No questions asked.
What Some Ninja Networker Members Are Saying...
So Are You Ready To Recruit More People Into Your Network Marketing Business Without Prospecting A Single Person?
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      The price increases to $267 in just
      • Benefit: Access to all of the trainings
      • Feature: Live webinars on a monthly basis
      • Community: Join our online community of like-minded Ninja Networkers
      Simon Chan
      Founder & CEO of MLM Nation

      "Frazer Brookes is one of the upcoming super superstars in MLM. When I interviewed him on MLM Nation, I was impressed with the amount of wisdom, experience and leadership he has at such a young age. He is very precocious and I’m sure we will just hear more and more of him in the upcoming years."
      "Frazer Brookes is a legend. Being second generation Network Marketer, he knows and understands the business because it is in his DNA. 
      This allows him the ability to teach and coach others the psychology of what it takes to be successful. 
      I’ve had the privilege of working with Frazer on a Social Media project and his input was invaluable and went beyond my initial outcome and expectation.
      I still continue to go to Frazer when I have questions about Network Marketing and Social Media, and am grateful for his continued support."
      Margaret Irving
      Content Developer for Eric Worre,
      Event Manager for Tony Robbins
      Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
      Best Selling Author,
      Network Marketing Top Earner & Icon
      "Frazer grew up in network marketing. 
      It is part of him. 
      Having shared the stage with Frazer,
      it is great to hear his wisdom and trainings. Enthusiasm on steroids."
      "I had built a team of 156,000 distributors in my Network Marketing business in the 90s using newspaper advertising, but times have changed. 
      Using Frazer's and Vincenzo's Facebook strategies I am generating more leads than ever before,
      for much less."
      Simon & Julie Brookes
      8 Figure Network Marketing Earners
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Will this work for me?
      YES! Throughout our years in this industry, we have always found people that were willing to do the work. 
      The problem is, they never knew exactly what they needed to do to get results. 
      That's why The Ninja Networker is designed to provide everyone with step-by-step strategies to achieve predictable results in their business.
      What if I’ve been around for a while? Will I learn anything new?
      YES! If you’ve had success using old-school methods, then you can only do better using The Ninja Networker strategies. 
      We don’t bash old-school methods, we only lament their lack of effectiveness in a more modern, more connected world. 
      The Ninja Networker represents the ultimate blueprint to turbocharge your business using the power of the Internet and Social Media.
      Is this course worth it?
      We too have been burned in the past buying overpriced courses that either didn’t work or were full of stuff we already knew. 
      Our philosophy is: "Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you". 
      That's why you won’t be able to find all the information available in The Ninja Networker for less than what you are paying today. 
      It simply isn’t possible — trust us, we’ve proved it! 
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