Do Not Try To Recruit On Facebook Until You’ve Read This
by Vincenzo Sannipoli
If you are currently using Facebook to recruit people into your network marketing business, this blog post can literally save you countless hours of ineffective and useless strategies that most network marketing professionals are applying right now on Social Media (with little or no success!). 

By ‘ineffective and useless strategies’ I mean:
  • ​Continuously posting images and videos about the “amazing” product or company you promote.
  • ​Sending friend requests to complete strangers that look sharp and asking them to join your team.
  • ​Begging family members or friends to introduce them your opportunity.
  • ​Spamming FB groups with copied-and-pasted messages.
I know all of them because I used them all, and with crappy results.

Furthermore, I bet if I had continued that way, Facebook would have permanently shut down my account.

So, before even risking to get your account shut down, you can start applying this proven and safe strategy that all the top 6&7-figure earners in the industry are deploying.​
If You Want To Go Big, Create A Fan Page Like The Pros!
When I first started out in Network Marketing, I was only using my personal profile page to add strangers, spam groups or harass family members and friends about my much time wasted!

Right now I’m ONLY using my Fan Page for my business purposes.

And there are two main reasons why you also wanna do that:
  • On your personal profile page you are limited to 5,000 friends, whereas you have NO limits of people who can follow your Fan Page.
  • ​You can only use the amazing Facebook advertising service if you have a Fan Page (I’ll explain you in a minute why this is crucial for your business).​
And if you are still not sure whether you should really create a Fan Page or not, just look at the top leaders in this professions: Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Matt Morris, Todd Falcone, Sarah Robbins...they all use a Fan Page!
So, if you also wanna go big in your business, go creating a Fan Page as soon as you finish reading this blog post.
It’s also extremely important to make it look as professional as you can. For inspiration, you can check out some top earners’ pages, like I did to create mine:
And now that you have your brand new Fan Page, you’re ready to get red-hot prospects to ask you about your products or opportunity, by simply applying the proven strategy called ‘Attraction Marketing’, outlined in this FREE Training Webinar.
How I Get 20+ People Per Day Asking Me For More Info About What I Do.
Beware of this: if you start posting explicitly about your products or company, NO ONE will contact you.

There are literally 1,000 of products and MLM companies in the marketplace, and there are 1,000 of network marketing professionals promoting them.

Therefore, not only do you have to compete with 1,000 other companies and opportunities, but you also have to compete against the thousands of other distributors in your very company.

So, how do you differentiate yourself from the crowd? By BRANDING yourself.

There’s only one of you in the entire world, which means you have ZERO competition.
The real value and asset in your home business is not the product you promote, nor the MLM company you signed up with. The real asset in a business is YOU.
So, every single text, image or video you decide to post on your Fan Page should have the goal to gradually build your brand and a following of people who like and trust you. For instance:
  • If you are in the "Health & Wellness" business: post about healthy lifestyle in general (and not specifically about your products).
  • ​If you are in the “Beauty” business: post about ways to rejuvenate the skin or the newest makeup techniques (and not specifically about your products).
  • ​If you are in the “Travel” business: post about the best destinations to visit and the best ways to save money travelling there (and not specifically about your products or company).
  • ​If you are in the “Financial Services” business: post about the ultimate methods to make money work for you instead of you working for them (and not specifically about your products or company).
  • ​Or you can decide to post about the Network Marketing profession in general (as Frazer and I do on our Facebook Fan Page).
These are my two best performing posts (you can notice how many people got very interested and asked me for more ‘info’):
I’m sure you also would agree that it’s much easier introducing your business opportunity to someone who already expressed an interest in what you do, rather than chasing people and throwing enough mud at the wall hoping that some of it will stick.
And What Is The Fastest Way To Build A Loyal Following Of People Who Know, Like And Trust You?
If you are a seasoned network marketing professional, you probably have a quite big downline and people who already follow you so, once you’ve created your Fan Page, you can simply invite them to like your page, ask them to invite their friends and then start posting valuable content so you will gradually attract more and more people that resonate with your message.

If you just started out in network marketing, the fastest way to build a loyal following of people who know, like and trust you is to use the Facebook Advertising Service, which is the best Ad service on the marketplace as of now.

For example, you can target one ad to 20-to-60 years old people, who live in New York and follow a specific network marketing trainer, such as Eric Worre.

Or send another ad to young people all over Australia who are into health & wellness (if you are part of a nutritional company).

Or target stay-at-home parents in Europe who would like to earn an additional income from home.

The possibilities are endless...

So, what should you do next?
  • Stop using your personal profile page to add strangers, spam groups or harass family members and friends about your business.
  • ​Create a Fan Page around your area of interest (for inspiration, look at the Fan Pages of the top earners in the industry).​
  • ​Start posting valuable generic content about that area of interest (remember, don’t talk specifically about the products or company you promote).
  • ​Apply Facebook advertising strategies to build a loyal following of people who know, like and trust you.
  • ​Wait for people messaging you or asking you for more info about what you do.
  • ​Present them your solution (i.e. your products or business opportunity).
  • ​Teach your downline to do the same, so you can get massive duplication.
These 7 steps represent the pillars of professional Facebook recruiting and have the potential to literally skyrocket your network marketing business, if you just start applying them.

And to learn more about each of them, I’ll gladly give you access to this FREE Training Webinar on "How To Recruit More People Into Your Network Marketing Business Without Prospecting A Single Person".

See you at the top!

To Your Freedom,

Vincenzo Sannipoli
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