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Free Facebook Strategy Course
This "7 Steps To Win" Formula Changed My Life And Many Others Around The World!
This video represents the Intro to the Free Facebook Strategy Course, organized in 7 Steps.
My Story Is Very Different!
And it all began before I was even born...
In fact it was 26th October 1987, five months before I was born... My mother and father attended their first ever Network Marketing event, I also attended, in my mothers womb! 

They decided to join that day and have been full time Network Marketing Professionals ever since.

Because of this I have been fortunate enough to live in amazing houses, be driven around in great cars, attended high level schools, and been on dream vacations. For me, the best part, was having both my mother and father at home all day, seeing them grind on the phone making it happen! 

Many people at school asked me; "Frazer, what do your parents do?" and to be honest I had no idea, so I just said "they help people live their dreams". My dad always told me to say that so I did, I suppose it was my first Network Marketing lesson.

During the ages 3-18 I saw my parents earn millions of dollars from the industry, travelled the country to see their trainings and listened in on hours upon hours of calls and meetings. I even helped my dad make his information packs that he had to send out to a potential business partner, OLD SCHOOL! 

Then it all changed...

It was my 18th birthday, I was now officially an adult, and my father told me about his Network Marketing business, from start to finish. I knew it got results if you worked at it, I knew it wasn't a scam, I knew he has helped hundreds and thousands of people succeed... BUT... I said no! 

The reason was because over the years I saw my parents speak at the front of the room addressing hundreds and sometimes thousands of people, and I hated the idea of that. I said, "Dad if I have to do that to succeed, this is not going to be for me!" 

I was heavily introverted, and in some sense, I still am today...

Every so often over the next 4 years my father approached me about his business, I just wasn't interested. I was going through University at this stage but realised that the path I was going down was not going to be my road to financial success. I started to look online for ways to make money and nothing interested me apart from selling items on websites like Amazon and eBay. I did that for a number of months only to work hard and make close to nothing. However, I picked up some important skills that would change the way I would think! 

It was 2010, I was 22, just about to finish University, and my father approached me about his business, but this time it was different, I was completely open as I had figured out a way for this highly introverted, shy, low confidence guy to succeed... 

...I said YES, after saying no for four years!

I wrote my list as my father told me to do, but I wasn't interested in the 137 people that I knew. I was more bothered about the 7 billion people I didn't know and how could I get to know them. 

Over the next 6 years I built my Network Marketing business to over 22,000 reps in over 40 countries, all from my efforts online. This has resulted in me earning a full time, multiple six figure income, each year since I began.

All of which is available in the simple, easy to follow, highly effective training product!

Combining Network Marketing communication skills, along with my complete Facebook strategy I have already shown hundreds of people how they can:
  • Get more people contacting you asking "What is it you do?"
  • Build an international business without the language barrier issue!
  • Book 20+ appointments a week consistently!
  • Get noticed by top celebrities and influencers! 
  • Retire your boss and work from a phone or laptop anywhere you wish!
Social Media, and particularly Facebook, gives us Network Marketers the chance to market our product or service to the masses, but it must be done correctly, if not then you can end up damaging your business instead of enhancing it! 

Many people have taken the training over the last few weeks and the results have been staggering, most people fail because they don't have guidance or they do the wrong things instead of the right things.

I hope that I can have the chance to work closely with you to ensure you have the right skills, guidance and knowledge to make things happen in a big way with your business. 

I look forward to working with you! 

Frazer Brookes
Here's What Others Are Saying:

Mark Proudfoot, UK

I didn't really use Facebook before I completed this course. Now I have the confidence and knowledge to attract more people to communicate with me. I have had big influencers in the industry like my posts and I have spoken to people I didn't even think to reach out to before I started the process! 

Natalya Crabb, Russia

I enjoyed the training very much and highly recommend it. There were some things I was doing wrong before which I fixed and now my efforts are much more rewarding. I really encourage you to check out the training, take action and see what happens for you! 

Eric Pren, UK

I was totally against using Facebook to grow my business until Frazer shared this course with me. Now I am confident in using it, have made some incredible connections, and my team now have a way to get more leads. Anyone who completes this course and IMPLEMENTS the actions will NEVER run out of leads. I have enjoyed every step and it has been great getting to know Frazer more.

Jenn Acosta, USA

Going through this training totally changed the game for me and how I approached Social Media. I learned how to connect with MANY more people, make a bigger impact, and it all suddenly became fun! If you want to massively up your game, get involved.

What's Included?
I will be covering a lot of information in the training platform, but here are some of the highlights within each module we will cover. Much more will be shared throughout the process! 

In each module I share my screen with you and walk you through EXACTLY what I did on a daily basis to build my Multiple 6-Figure Income in my Network Marketing business!

Setting Up!

In this module I go over exactly what you need to do before anything else. Most people don't know about this and end up failing before they even begin. 
I will give away my number 1 top tip why most networkers fail with their efforts online! 

Speaking To People!

In this module I walk you through exactly what to say at different stages of the relationship, including the first thing to say, what to say after a few weeks and more. I will give away my number 1 top tip on how to get the interest of people when you are speaking with them!

Finding & Attracting Others!

In this module I will show you exactly how you will never run out of free targeted leads, not only that but others will come to you to see what you are about without you even adding them!
I will give you my number 1 top tip on how I attract highly targeted individuals every single day! 

Closing Your Contacts!

In this module I go over what to say to get your contacts closer to saying yes, how to get the timing right, and what to say for them to make that important decision!
I will give you my number 1 top tip on how I close out my contacts with perfect timing!

Expanding Internationally!

In this module I go over how I have built a team of over 14,000 people outside of the country I live in. How to combat the language barriers, how to build in to a community with a handful of people!
I will give you my number 1 top tip for expanding in to any market you want!  

Tracking Your Progress!

In this module I give away one of my secret weapons. Without this my business wouldn't exist and 99% of marketers don't use the system that I will be sharing with you!
I will give you my number 1 top tip I use daily when tracking your progress!

Branding Yourself For The Future!

In this module I show you how to take yourself to the next level, forget the product, the opportunity, and the company, this is all about you, and I will give you the best way to become a celebrity in your space!
I will give you my number 1 top tip and source to brand yourself in a professional way in 5 minutes!
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