How To Build A Team Of Over 22,000 Reps Worldwide Using Facebook Without Leaving Home
by Frazer Brookes
If you are looking to use Facebook to build your Network Marketing business, then you have found the right place. This blog post will help you understand EXACTLY how you can stop doing things wrong and start doing things right. 

When you follow what I am about to share, you will no longer have to:
  • ​Beg your family members and friends to join your opportunity.
  • ​Spam Facebook groups with copied-and-pasted messages.
  • ​Add complete strangers who look like they would be amazing.
  • ​Post salesy things to try and get more recruits or customers.
All of the above are things you want to stop doing RIGHT NOW!

My name is Frazer Brookes, and I started building my Network Marketing business in 2010, in a time where there were no courses, seminars, webinars, books or even success stories of people who had built their businesses using the Internet.

​In fact, every company was warning people away from building on Facebook because they believed it was complicated, slow, spammy and not duplicatable.

​In reality, they just had no idea how Social Media worked.

Over the course of the years, I created a simple and easy-to-follow system that enabled me to recruit 497 reps personally and develop an international team of over 22,000 reps and 280,000 customers, all using Facebook.

And now I want to share with you my 3 Top Tips for you to get success when building your Network Marketing business using Facebook.
TOP TIP #1: Don't Give The Game Away
Imagine this for a minute…

You wake up one morning with a really sore throat. In fact, your glands are the size of tennis balls and you can hardly speak. You have never felt pain like it…. What do you do?

Most people pick up their phone, type in “" and then they enter in the search box: “what does it mean if my glands are the size of tennis balls and I can’t speak”. They hit enter, and what they see shocks the life out of them:

“Consult a doctor immediately, death is imminent.”

Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but the point is that people, nowadays, ask Google for the solution to their problems or questions. Plus, we are wired to find the worst in every situation.

So, if you are on Facebook telling people you are involved in Company X, then, instead of them asking you more about it, they will ask Google.

And, unfortunately, because of the smart marketers out there that have strategically written biased blogs headed something like “Do not join Company X until you have read this” or “Company X is a scam”, your prospects will then be immediately turned off by the heading.
Your goal on Facebook is to create the CURIOSITY and INTRIGUE, so that your Facebook friend will want to message you to ask what it is that you are doing.
When they do that, you can then put them through your company system.
TOP TIP #2: Become The Hunted Instead Of The Hunter
Instead of going out there, finding people, then spamming them with your amazing business, take a step back. Yes, Network Marketing is a numbers game, but quality beats quantity in this game.

What do you think is more powerful?

Someone messaging you with the following:

“Hey, I just saw your post on how you have helped a few people lose weight, what exactly is it?”.

Or a complete stranger receiving this message from you:

“Hey, I noticed we have similar interests, I like connecting with like minded individuals. By the way, you look a bit chubby, I have a product that can help you with that, here is the link to check out more: [LINK]”.
I think it is obvious that having people messaging YOU is what you want to achieve when building your business using Facebook.
So how do you do that?

The old school marketers will tell you that, when you have finished going through your “List”, you should go to places where your target market would hang-out. For example, the gym, supermarket, coffee shops, night classes. Then you should start a conversation with a complete stranger and invite them to a presentation.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t do the 3 foot rule! (3 FOOT RULE: When you talk to anyone within 3 feet of you about your business or products).

The idea is right though, go to places where your target market hang-out.

These days most people are spending time on the Internet, in particular, on Facebook. So, you need to find groups and pages that you believe your target market would be interested in. For example:
  • If you are looking for people who like travel, try “Travel Australia”.
  • ​If you are looking for people who like Network Marketing, try “Eric Worre”.
  • ​If you are looking for people who like fitness, try “Insanity”.
And then, inside of those pages or groups, you want to add value to the posts made by the admins/owners.

Don’t go in and start spamming! Instead, be relevant, add value, and people will want to check you out.

Now, because you haven’t blasted your company or product all over your profile, they will connect with you to find out more.

If you want to learn how to properly provide value without being spammy, check out STEP 2 of the 5-Step Success Formula On Facebook.
TOP TIP #3: Find The Vault
There has been a number of times in my career when I have wanted to quit.

But there was one time I was very serious…I just couldn’t seem to get people to join my business.

One day I went into my father’s office and told him that I was ready to quit, and he told me something quite shocking:

“Frazer, let’s rob a bank!”.

I laughed, thinking he had lost the plot, but he was deadly serious. He then said:

“Ok, if we were going to rob a bank what would we need to know?”.

I replied a few times with silly things like “A Shotgun”, “Getaway Car”, “Other People”,...then he asked me to be serious, and I said:

“I would need to know where the money is”.

He then told me that every bank is different, the layouts, alarms, staff, and of course the location of the vault.

You need to find the vault!

He said: “Frazer, people have their own vaults, everyone is different. Maybe one person’s vault has a shiny red Ferrari, another person’s vault has a luxury holiday once a year, another one's vault simply has an extra $500 per month.”
The point is you need to find out certain things about the people you are talking to in order to know how you can HELP them get what they want to achieve in their life.
Here are the 4 things he told me you should know about someone before mentioning your product or business:
  • Family
  • ​Occupation
  • ​Recreation
  • ​Dreams
Once you know those 4 key areas of someone’s life, then they are no longer a stranger, they are a FRIEND, and when building a Network Marketing business using Social Media, it is important to always remember this statement:
Turn A Stranger Into A Friend, 
Then That Friend Into Family.
I got to know the 4 areas of every person who added me on Facebook, and, in time, I ended up sponsoring 497 people personally, and duplicated what I did into a team of over 22,000 reps and 280,000 customers.

Don’t give the game away, become the hunted instead of the hunter, and find a person's vault, build that relationship and eventually you can build a phenomenal business ONLY using Facebook.

And if you want to become a true Facebook recruiting-machine, check out the Definitive 5-Step Success Formula To Building Your Network Marketing Business Using Facebook.


Frazer Brookes
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