How To Effectively Recruit With Facebook Sponsored Posts
by Vincenzo Sannipoli
If you’ve ever attempted to run Facebook Sponsored Posts (aka Boosted Posts or Facebook Ads) to get new customers or distributors for your Network Marketing business, but you just ended up losing money and no one eventually became a customer/distributor, this blog post will finally show you how to effectively and profitably use the powerful Advertising tool that Facebook provides. 

In fact, if you master the skill of running Facebook Sponsored Posts properly, you will NEVER run out of people to talk to about your business opportunity. PLUS, those people will be highly targeted prospects, extremely interested in what you have to offer them.

Sound cool? Then I want to show you the right way of running Boosted Posts, but, before we dive into that, I actually want to address the wrong way to run them.

In fact, this is what you absolutely SHOULD NOT do when it comes to recruiting using Facebook Ads:
  • ​Mention your company’s or products’ name.
If you’ve done that, I’m pretty sure you ended up wasting money and recruiting no one.

Mentioning the name of your company or products does not work for a simple reason: people will immediately know what is it that you do, so they can just go on Google, type in the name of your company or products and either buy directly from the company’s website or find a bad review that will turn them off. Either way you’re screwed.

Just recently, my friend Anna told me what happened to her after doing a Facebook Live mentioning a product she is promoting. Few days after boosting the video, a woman messaged her on Facebook saying: “Hey, I saw your video and I bought the product, how do I use it?”. Anna replied: “Really? Where did you order it from?”. And the woman said: “I just went on Google, searched for it and ordered it from there!”.

So, if you don’t want this to happen to you, let’s dive into the RIGHT way of running Facebook Ads.

(P.S. Obviously, to run Facebook Sponsored Posts, you need a Fan Page/Business Page. If you want to create a Fan Page like the Pros, that will look extremely attractive in the eyes of your prospects, follow STEP 1 of the 5-Step Success Formula on Facebook).
Value + Curiosity = Winning Ads
Whenever you decide to run a Facebook Ad, make sure these 2 ingredients are never missing: VALUE and CURIOSITY.
Before your potential prospects decide to take an action (message you, click “learn more”, fill out a lead generation form,…), they want to see that you know what you’re talking about (aka, you provided value in the first place) and you also created in them massive curiosity to learn more about what exactly is that you do.
For example:
  • If you are in the "Health & Wellness" business: you can teach 3 ways to lose weight and stay fit. Then mention that your favorite one is using some kind of supplements, and you just discovered one that is working great for you and producing amazing results (without explicitly mention the name of it).
  • ​If you are in the “Beauty” business: you can share with everyone the best and latest make-up techniques. Then mention that you recently came across the best product you’ve ever used and, if people want to know more about it, they can comment on the post or reach out to you privately.
  • ​Or if you decide to run an Ad about the Network Marketing profession in general: you can teach the benefits of being involved in Network Marketing over having a 9-5 job or a traditional business. Then mention that you decided to join a company (without revealing its name) and that you’re looking to help people become financially free through this opportunity.
Those are just examples, but I think you got the idea.

Always focus on providing massive value to people and don’t give the whole game away, but keep the curiosity and intrigue alive…and people will naturally be attracted to you and ask you to learn more.

Then, the other crucial piece of successful Ads is the targeting.
If You Don't Get The Targeting Right, Your Ads Will NEVER Work
If you want to sell ice-creams, would you target people who live in the North Pole?

Or, if you want to sell hot chocolate, would you target people who live in the desert?

Obviously, the answer to both questions is “No”.

Similarly, when you are about to run your Sponsored Posts, you need to make sure you get the targeting right.

And not only do you need to make sure that the targeting right, but that it is also extremely detailed.

Let’s imagine you are a distributor for a Health & Wellness company. If you decide to target people who like “Health & Wellness”, obviously your targeting is right, but it is not detailed.

In order to narrow down your targeting and be as specific as possible, you can use the amazing FREE tool that Facebook provides, which is called Audience Insights Tool (if you want step-by-step instructions on how to properly use it, always check out STEP 1 of the 5-Step Success Formula on Facebook).

When you type “Health & Wellness” in the “Interests” section of the Audience Insights tool, you will be able to find all the different Facebook Pages where people interested in “Health & Wellness” hang out:
As you can see, the “Lane Bryant” page has an audience of 516.3K people who are very hot potential prospects for your health and wellness products or business opportunity. And the same thing can be said for the other suggested pages.

Let’s make another example: do you want to find people that are looking for an additional monthly income and are not skeptical about Network Marketing? Then Robert Kiyosaki’s Facebook page would be perfect to find those people, since Kiyosaki talks about financial freedom and is a big advocate of Network Marketing.
Just use the Audience Insights tool and you will know where to find hot prospects for anything you have to offer. And once you’ve found out the top pages for your area of interest, target those pages in your Ads. Simple, right?
So, What Should You Do Next?
These are 4 steps to follow if you want to run successful Sponsored Posts to promote your Network Marketing opportunity:
  • Build a Fan Page/Business Page like the Pros.​
  • ​Do not mention your company’s and/or products’ name in your Ads.
  • ​Focus on providing value and keeping the curiosity alive.
  • ​Make sure the targeting is right.
If you follow those steps, your likelihood to succeed with Facebook Ads will dramatically increase.

And if you want to model my best performing Ads, I’ll gladly give you access to the 5-Step Success Formula To Building Your Network Marketing Business Using Facebook.

To Your Freedom,

Vincenzo Sannipoli
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